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Welcome at ChickenShack Films Hamburg!


We develop moving pictures. We create stories. We deliver ideas and we realize them.

In other words - what we do best.

Branded Content, B2B + B2C, Cases, 360°, Videoclips, TV-Formats, Virals, Documentaries, Tutorials and much more.

Almost everything. Except weddings. And funerals.

And for everyone.


For clients in various fields we produce content for use on relevant platforms such as Websites, Social Media, Internal Applications, Sales. And so on. For example:

Corporate Video WE ARE STEINBERG | Client: Steinberg Media Technologies
Tutorial for Accounting-Software | Client: Haufe Lexware
Recruitment-Film | Client: Sysmex Europe
Company-Film | Client: Defdrums Musikschule Hamburg
Launch Notation-Software DORICO | Client: Steinberg Media Technologies

Our directors are:

Tobi Baumann | Frank Brendel | Claude Giffel

Bella Halben | Oliver Julius | Peter Kleine

Tony Mitchell | Boris Mosner | Harry Patramanis

Jan Richter | Thomas Rusch | Nico Schneider

Frank Sprung | Mike Valentine | Torsten Wacker

and others.